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New York Life Coach NYC Website ImageIf you live or work in the Greater New York City Area, you’re very lucky, as that’s a world class city to be sure and a place full of opportunity, just very competitive, some would say “dog eat dog”. We’ve found over the years, that there are a lot of folks that would love the competitive advantage of having a personal business coach, career coach, life coach NYC or better yet a whole team of coaches and advisors.

The constraint, or issue that keeps so many up and coming New Yorkers from engaging this kind of “top shelf” personal coaching is usually money, the high local cost. But our corporate headquarters is in Atlanta Ga and we have great, experienced and innovative life coaches, business coaches and career coaches working remotely from all over the USA and at significantly lower rates than the comparably gifted NYC life coaches that live and reside in New York City locally.

Some of us will feel more strongly about having a local coach, one you can meet at a coffee shop (not very private) or more likely their private office. But many of us on our team being from New York or having lived in comparably busy cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and others know that the time, hassle and cost of transport in such heavy traffic places is enough to make us all need further counseling later right? Additionally, the availability and quality of skype, along with a number of gotomeeting and webinar platforms has made distance life coaching, business coaching and career coaching an ideal and “value added” option for most of us.

That said, we look forward to answering your questions and seeing if we have a life coach, youth life coach, business coach, executive coach or counselor that will be a good match for both where you are today and where you’re looking to go tomorrow.

We Pair You with the Right Life Coach NYC

Each of us is so unique, but just as much so in our starting point as a life coaching student. When you consider the diversity of our learning styles, background and personality one realizes how many factors there are in making a good decision.

Once we find out more about your life experience(s), we’ll be better able to pair you with one of our team so you can have an initial chat so you can both find out whether you’re likely to work well together. We have a strong record of success with getting it right on the first try and we have yet to go beyond a 2nd interview in finding a life coach that will be a great starting point.

Life Coaching Helps Us Get Unstuck

find a life coach atlanta ga opportunity quoteThe hard truth is, we willingly accept, that the “mediocre” is the enemy of the “good”, but will we so easily accept that the “good” is the enemy of the “best”? We all know deep down that at some level, we need to break old patterns and try something new in order to get unstuck and moving forward again. You may not know exactly why or specifically what to do to get unstuck and moving forward again? That’s just wisdom and smart leverage, part of what our life coaches are here to help you accomplish.

Our Life Coaching Philosophy and Methodology

C.H.E.S.S. – a life coaching strategy and way of thinking par excellence!

1). Commitment: Successful life coaching starts with a motivated student that wants to see personal growth and blessings on his or her life enough to embrace honest feedback, make changes, take action and spend resources in a focused constant manner. Honest self assessment is the next step which requires us to know our “why” and decide it’s worth whatever the cost, even our pride.

2). Honesty: Socrates said “know thyself”, for many that’s a deep dark place, but we’ll be working on that all our lives if we want to be authentic and live our lives to the full. Our NYC life coaches and our entire staff is included. When we really truly understand ourselves, not only do our passions and motives become crystal clear, but so do those of others around us and in relationship with us.

3). Excellence: The mediocre is then enemy of the good, but it is still the enemy of the best. It’s tempting to focus the weight of this on ourselves, but truth is, nothing great can be built or accomplished without a great team, which means the quality of our relationships, ability to follow and lead at various times will be needed to accomplish much. Part of this is learning to select, train and trust others so we can then delegate and help everyone to move from good to best together.

4). Stewardship: We should learn to better leverage and maximize our strengths while strengthening or minimizing the exposure of our weaknesses. We need to learn to think long-term in setting goals, while measuring them in the short-term and even being ready for the times we grab success by acting fast like lightning, often turning crisis into opportunity or at least safety.

5). Selflessness: Having our team plays a big part in that, but even when we see the success we started out after and healthy relationships, all of us will find ourselves still missing something unless we accept our roll in the greater community and world around us. For that reason, we eventually, hopefully sooner than later need to find ways to serve and invest in the community around us purely for the sake of “doing right” and “investing back into others”.

Don’t worry, there’s more to it than that…much more, that’s just the high altitude guiding principals. The battles and skirmishes of life our won down on the ground, week-to-week and day-to-day. Winning them also requires encouragement, quick work arounds, ways to take time-out and regroup, learning to use words and body language to communicate more clearly, clarity on what you like and don’t like about your current situations, etc.

The Sooner You Start, the Sooner You’ll See Better and Best…

atlanta life coaching - only you can decide imageOnly you can decide that the things in your life that are mediocre must die so that the good can rise…and that even the good things now must die so that the best can rise. Invest in yourself, you only get one life, decide to life it like it’s the only one you get and decide that it’s ok to work with other people to get there.

Start to see life as a team sport, but until you’re ready to lead that team, borrow a New York life coach NYC from us who’s a bit further ahead in most areas, take the wise and efficient help of an experienced guide and find a life coach right away.

Again, the initial meeting is no risk and can only help you in your pursuit of life and to the fullest, so if you’re ready to find a life coach NYC New York, why not get an appointment scheduled today by calling 888-578-7779 and become an action taker in your life instead of a distracted watcher?

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