Why Get a Business Coach NYC?

Regardless of what business niche, segment or field you are in, the basic components and principles of business coaching remain relatively unchanged. In this way, being an NYC business coach is quite a bit like being an NYC sports coach.

In sports, a coach recruits, accesses, trains and pushes an athlete, who in turn does the hard work and implements what the coach teaches so they can in turn operate with optimum performance and win as often as possible. A coach also provides support when they are exhausted, encouragement when they want to quit and teaches the athlete to be creative and adjust quickly, executing plays that their competition does not often anticipate, giving them the advantage and often the win.

A sports coach will push you, making you run longer, more often and working harder than you would by yourself, even when you don’t feel like it. Part of a sports coach’s job is to tell his player like it is, giving them the chance to listen, embrace and adjust based on his or her feedback. Just like in sports, a coach can not make or force a player do what is recommended just as they can’t make them win, but in instances where players listen to their coaches it can change their entire experience, taking them to another level and eventually getting some them to the pros.

Similarly, a Business Coach does many of the same things, but in a context that is all about creating, growing and often selling a successful business. The role of a Business Coach is to coach business owners, new or experienced, via acceptance, assessment, strategy, support, accountability and encouragement.

NYC business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their marketing, sales, management, team building and much more. Ultimately, much like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will help you learn about and focus on the game and even though a coach is often just for a few seasons, the lessons, perspectives and skills learned will carry forward with you into future business ventures as well.

You Hire Your 1st Business Coach NYC, then what?

Step 1 – Meet your NYC Business Coach and Make Sure a Good Fit

Our NYC Business Coaching starts with a free session with a coach that we’ve personally selected using the information you’ve given us about yourself and your business. In this session, you and your coach will look together at your business through the lens of our C.H.E.S.S. strategy. You’ll see more clearly what’s standing in your way and start to explore the skill sets, resources and strategies that will help you move past it. You’ll understand the steps you need to take to produce both quick results and long-term improvement. If you like our perspective and methodology, but are looking for a better personality or experience fit in your coach, just tell us and we’ll set up an interview with another of our esteemed business coaches until you find the right coach to work with in this season.

Step 2 – Put Together a Comprehensive Assessment of Yourself and Your Business

As part of your first session, you’ll have a real and “in-depth” conversation with your new potential coach about the current condition of your business on everything from leadership and management to marketing and sales. Your coach will review with you what your original and current visions are for your life and business, what’s been working and what has not, and introduce you to the tools you’ll need to find and solve the root causes of your most pressing frustrations. Once you see accurately where you’ve been and are now going, he or she can help you plan and prioritize, then establish next steps and accountability moving forward.

Step 3 – Plan and Set the Right Business Goals

Once you’ve addressed your most immediate needs, your coach walk you through how to write your 3 year vision and establish your corresponding goals. You’ll have a mental picture of the company you want, one that reflects both your values and the real needs and wants of your future customers. This greater vision and “message to market” match will manifest as the look and feel of your business, its location, number of employees, business culture, target market, language, product/service offerings and ultimately financial results. You’ll have a well thought out plan that will work to get you from where you are today to where you want to be as a business owner and in life.

Step 4 – Meet Regularly, Be Held Accountable and Just Do It!

As you work toward achieving your 3 year vision, your coach will ask you the right questions at the right time, helping you apply what you’ve learned and monitoring key metrics to keep you on track and mark your progress along the way. Each month, the live web or phone meetings with your coach, group coaching, video training pods and unlimited email support, you’ll stay focused on achieving the results you want each month and discover that you’re changing the way you relate to your business and your customers one month at a time. You’ll spend less and less time each month working IN your business as you learn and remember how much more effective it is to work ON it.

Ok, first lesson, don’t procrastinate, deep down you know if you could use the help of a coach, for 99% the answer is yes. If you’re already a successful and experienced business person, you know that more than anyone, the issue is that you just need a coach that is advanced enough to get you to the next level in this season and/or is more knowledgeable about your type of business.

A Harvard Study shows Business Coaching yields massive ROI

Whether you’re beginner, intermediate or even highly advance and experienced business owner; very possibly an entrepreneur just starting your first business even now; or even a C-level executive looking to head out on your own?…either way you are likely either hesitant because of the time and/or money investment or not trusting your own ability to pick the right coach. That makes total sense and we completely understand. Heck, all of our business coaches had those same concerns at some point in the past, but we worked through it to find our first coaches and mentors ourselves.

In response, I would say a). all of our business coaches are excellent b). if you are beginner or intermediate, any one of our coaches would be able to help you substantially for the next season or two so c). it’s more about personality match so that you can have as smooth and enjoyable an experience and not just productive and profitable. Once you get going and have a good first season of coaching experience, then as you grow, you’ll often move on to more advanced coaches or coaches with different specialties / strengths, making friends and growing personally all along the way.

The Only Way to Lose Better and Faster than Quitting…

The only way we all lose as business people, is when 1). we don’t ever start and 2). when we quit. If we don’t start we can’t win, if we quit we lose. Now in the bigger picture, we know that failing quickly, learning, adjusting and getting right back on the horse is the surest way to victory in business as in anything else. So as the first coach you’ve spoken to from our group, I say “start fast, start strong & get wise council”, whether you are captain of a start-up or existing business that needs to go to the next level, make the investment and pay the price gladly based on the faith that you know if you persist, you will ultimately succeed.

Ready to Experience Your Own Business Coach NYC ?

Are you still looking for a business coach NYC ? If so, call or message us today to get the process started and be one step closer to becoming the business owner and entrepreneur that does everything you can to make yourself and your business all it can be!

PS: If having read this, you have conviction, that before hiring your first NYC business coach, you may need to work on your relationships, family or other, perhaps your inner game, then we encourage you to find a life coach online through our site, meet with them and talk about that either first or in parallel with find a business coach. If you’re not sure, that’s totally fine, again, just call or message us today and one of our coaches can meet with you to help you figure out where you need to start in your process toward overall life success and happiness.