Find a Life Coach Website and It’s Purpose

Hopefully it’s getting clearer and exciting that:

a). This website, and our management team’s primary purpose is to help you and other visitors to find a life coach online. Our vision for Life Coaching is a bit broader, deeper and more long-term in scope than most, see below…

b). By life coach, we also mean:

    • Youth Life Coaches for high school and college aged folks, to help them put together realistic goals, strategies, solutions, action plans, show them how to take advantage of strengths, encourage them to improve their weaknesses when it makes sense and even figure out their potential life purpose.


    • Executive Coaches for people that are looking to move up the corporate ladder, eventually getting a Director, VP or C-level position at their company or another one in a related field.


    • Business Coaches for entrepreneurs, folks that want to start or improve their business(es), to help them combat overwhelm, minimize stress with organization and action plans, to use process and delegation to their advantage, to improve their marketing and sales funnels so their business can grow, multiply and eventually they can get out right.


    • Counselors to handle personal growth and psychological issues that are beyond the scope of what life and business coaching can and should be focusing on.  Examples would include things like serious depression, bi-polar disorder, high level OCD


c). Our intent is not only to help you find an initial life coach or counselor to get you going and moving forward in improving your quality of life today, but more so, to continue working diligently to pair you with new coaches and mentors as you move along the life long continuum of self awareness, learning, and implementing until success is tasted each time.

d). That we ourselves and as a site, are leveraging our time and resources to try and have the greatest possible impact not only for our customers and clients, but beyond that, the greater good in that we know our customers and clients will now be sharing with, working with and impacting others way beyond what we could have done or accomplished in our own limited time and resources.

e). Through all we do and teach, will be threaded the concept and belief that we and our students can, and should change the world by helping others, encouraging others and speaking life over others at every possible opportunity as we’ve seen again and again, how a help granted or a few words spoken at the right time can change and save people’s lives.  Really!

On that note…

We are thrilled to have you with us on our site, please let it also be yours and don’t hesitate to contact us by contact form, email or phone with any questions, concerns or to move forward as you feel moved 🙂